Property Maintenance

Property Maintenance
Property Maintenance

Property Maintenance

Keep Your Property in Perfect Shape

We specialise in planned and reactive maintenance services for homes and businesses in London. When it comes to a well-maintained property, electrical repairs, sanitary works, house carpentry, and general cleaning hold key importance. Issues like damaged wiring and broken sanitary pipes are critical flaws that minimise your property’s value for the tenants and potential buyers.

Electrician services ensure that electrical systems are properly wired and grounded and that all fixtures and appliances are in good working order. This saves you from electrical fires, shocks, and other hazards.

Likewise, plumbing services guarantee that pipes are adequately drained and vented and that fixtures are not leaking. This can help to prevent water damage, mould growth, and other health hazards. Properly maintaining these systems can help prevent costly repairs, extend lifespan, and improve overall performance.

Considering the significance of property maintenance services, we at Emergency Electricians and Plumbers promise quality services that would get you a “perfect” tag from any visitor when it comes to maintaining your property.


Trusted Property Maintenance Services

With a professional experience in maintenance services, Emergency Electricians and Plumbers has served domestic and commercial clients for over a decade. Our plumbers and electricians are certified and well-trained per service safety and regulatory protocols and use the latest equipment to confidently handle all problems linked with house maintenance services.

Comprehensive Services & Swift Solutions

Emergency Electricians and Plumbers covers all the key services essential for commercial property maintenance:

Electrical System Maintenance and Repair

Electrical Inspections – Thorough assessment of electrical systems, identifying potential hazards, outdated components, and faulty wiring.

Panel Upgrades – Upgrading electrical panels to cope with increasing power demands to ensure an efficient electricity supply.

Electrical Repairs – Prompt repairs of electrical issues, such as power outages, faulty outlets, circuit breakers, etc.

Surge Protection – Implementation of surge protection measures to safeguard electrical equipment and appliances from power surges and voltage spikes.

Upgrading Lights – Upgradation of indoor and outdoor lights, emergency lights, recessed lights, etc.


Plumbing Solutions

Other than providing swift solutions for electrical maintenance, our property maintenance company fixes faults in sanitary systems:

Plumbing Inspections – Detailed evaluation of plumbing systems, identifying leaks, clogs, pipe corrosion, and other issues affecting water flow and drainage

Pipe Repairs and Replacements – Swift repair or replacement of damaged or leaking pipes, including water supply lines, drain lines, and sewer lines.

Gas Fittings – Inspecting gas fittings, possible pipe leakages, and faults with the installations.

Drain Cleaning – Clearing clogged drains and pipes to restore proper water flow and prevent backups or flooding.

Sewer Line Services – Expert maintenance, repair, and replacement of sewer lines to ensure efficient sewage disposal and prevent backups.

General Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning Windows & Doors – Using quality glass cleaners to clean windows, mirrors, and glass surfaces.

Maintaining House Greenery – Lawn mowing, cutting grass, and maintaining garden to enhance the external aesthetics of the home.

Fencing – Reliable installations of garden fences, decks and classy pergolas along with repairing.

Carpentry Tasks

Installing or Repairing Doors and Windows – Accurate measurements for wood cutting and installing windows and doors. It also involves repairing damaged wooden work.

Building or Repairing Cabinets, Shelves – Constructing kitchen cabinets, shelves, and room cupboards and repairing these wood pieces.

Flooring – Fitting and repairing wooden floors using hardwood or vinyl lamination.

Enhancing Value and Functionality

We promise a number of advantages for our clients:

We Serve a Wide Range of Clients

Our clientele includes:


Yes, all our plumbers and electricians are well-trained, holding certifications from relevant authorities to deal with residential property maintenance issues.

Considering urgencies, we offer 24/7 emergency services to handle any fault with your electrical and plumbing systems and counter unexpected incidents.

We hold insurance of £5 million to compensate for any damage while carrying out our services. So you can feel content while working with us.

The cost factor depends on the nature and complexity of the job; however, rest assured that our price packages are set as per your affordability.

We Are Ready For 24/7 Emergency Service

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